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Superior leather • Extra stretch comfort • 100% Waterproof and breatable boot

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The VENØ OutDry® is a waterproof and breathable boot with an individually adjustable calf width, altered using a zip and double Velcro fasteners. The laminated construction prevents water entering the boot, halting it on the outer layer. This keeps your feet warm and dry in all weather conditions.

Outer: 93% leather (full grain cowhide), 4% polyamide, 3% other fibres; lining: 100% polyester; membrane: Outdry
OutDry®: Water NOT IncludedTM
Thanks to OutDry's patented 3D lamination machine, the waterproofing process of a stitched footwear upper is achieved in a simple, one-step operation - lasting only few seconds - before the lining application.

No membrane cutting and seaming
Membrane sets are pre-measured, ready to be processed using OutDry's 3D lamination machine. All other operations, including placing, cutting and seaming the waterproof lining, are not necessary. There is no material wastage: you only use what you really need.

No taped seam sealing:
OutDry membrane sets do not have any seams and are pre-sealed. Seam sealing operations are no longer necessary: the waterproofing process is simplified and far more reliable.

Appropriate for all types of footwear construction
The OutDry waterproofing system can be applied to all footwear construction methods: cemented or strobel, with glued sole or injected sole. The result is always perfect waterproofness with unmatched comfort.

Leather lining or fabric lining: it's your choice
The lining is a fundamental component and should be chosen carefully, based on the footwear's final use. OutDry membrane is uniformly laminated to the upper, and is only a few microns thick, guaranteeing enough room for any type of lining.

Design without limitations
OutDry is the most efficient waterproofing system because it is completely integrated into your footwear construction. It is absolutely invisible, located between the upper and the lining.


Clothing & accessories for both man and women.
Genuine leather
Product made of genuine leather.
Wind- and waterproof, and breathable
Equipped with a windproof, waterproof and breathable membrane or coating.
Reflective 3MTM ScotchliteTM materials have been incorporated in this product.
Oil- and fuel resistant
Soles are oil- and fuel-resistant.

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